What I took away from our Entrepreneurship class

by George Thomas, ESSEC Global MBA Student Ambassador 2017-2018 | Strategy & Management Major

For the longest time, I believed that most people who succeed as entrepreneurs inherently possess certain skills, personality, and capabilities that set them up for success – skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. One either has them or not. While it is true that successful entrepreneurs require certain traits, what my Entrepreneurship class with Prof. Lepoutre helped me appreciate was that most of those skills and capabilities can be learned and acquired, if not all.
Below are my key take-aways and reflections from the class:

My journey in the ESSEC Global MBA

By Abhinav IYER, ESSEC Global MBA Class of 2017


Around this time last year, I was in India grappling with the dilemma of whether I needed to do the MBA. A critical life incident involving my family had made me question my choice.
In situations involving no easy answers, I took the plunge based on what my family and well-wishers at work recommended. One could argue that "free will" was suspended and I decided to come to ESSEC amidst several cobwebs in the mind, full of questions and with some anxiety.
Perhaps, I kept telling myself that time would simply fly past me and transform the journey into a surrealistic blur.