Departure to Singapore in 3 WEEKS!!!

By Aurélie Metcheka, Global MBA student

Three weeks from today, I will be in SINGAPORE! I don’t know if any of you have been there before but I haven’t that’s why I’m so excited!

The Global MBA at ESSEC is concentrated on emerging countries. During the program we will make couple of trips:

In February 9th, we will go to Singapore for 6 Weeks! Yes SIX WEEKS! There, we will be taking some classes at ESSEC Singapore.

In May, We will go to Russia for a week to visit some companies in order to know how they run their business and also to have a feel on the country culture.

And finally in July, We will have our international immersion program which consists on working on a consulting project for 4 to 6 weeks in Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia.

The courses that we will be taking in Singapore are:

Operations Management:  an introduction to the topics, and computational techniques, in operations management, focusing mainly on risk management and sustainability. Specially, the course provides knowledge on forecasting, design of logistic systems and supply chains, project, inventory and total quality management, sustainable operations, revenue management and operational risk.

Geopolitics in Asia:  the aim of this course is to give us broad concepts that will help us to understand political challenges in Asia. These concepts are used to analyze how international conflicts and local claims are supported by historical, national and religious justifications. This course is intended to make us think out of the box, and switch from a managerial approach to a political one.

Global Strategy: Here, we will study the strategy that international firms use when they (to begin with we define them as multinational companies) encompass any problem or opportunity, in the areas of finance, production, marketing, information technology, and human resource management.

So far, I’m enjoying the Global MBA! We are almost at the end of the second term.

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