Global MBA Trek: McKinsey

by Samer Farhat, Global MBA student

The trek to Mckinsey & Company was another step in giving Global MBA students exposure to leading companies. The focus this time was on management consulting. Sixteen students from my class made the trip to Mckinsey & Company’s office on avenue des Champs Elysées to exchange and learn from top professionals in the field of management consulting.
We were received by an Associate Principle, a Junior Principle and a Human Resources manager. The three of them shared with us their experience at Mckinsey & Company, and talked widely about what happens in the life of a management consultant. That includes travel, long working hours and the satisfaction of helping clients make better decisions for their businesses.

During an hour and a half of rich exchange, the class had the opportunity to ask many interesting questions and to get insider information about the consulting industry. Some students confirmed their perceptions and interest in consulting, while others readjusted.

The main learning that came out of this rich exchange is that consulting is first of all about relations and trust. A successful collaboration between a consultant and a client works best when the relationship between them is based on trust. In addition, team spirit and knowledge sharing is key in the success of every consultant.
For me the visit to Mckinsey & Company was an exceptional opportunity to learn more about a field that has always fascinated me; a field where adaptability is a must and where the variety of topics makes it an endless source of learning.

With the first half of T2 coming to an end, I’m looking forward to my first experience in South-East Asia. Together with my fellow Global MBA colleagues I’ll attend five weeks of courses on ESSEC’s campus in Singapore, and I’ll discover a new culture and a new way of life.

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