Ich bin ein Mannheimer !

By Global MBA student Julian Arnaud - France

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As ESSEC Global MBA students, we were offered the opportunity to spend one week in Mannheim University, Germany, to study either Strategic Leadership or International Marketing. Half of the class decided to go. Not only were we amazed by the quality of the professors and their courses' depth, but we were also astounded by the friendly and professional welcome from Mannheim University. From general administration to accommodation services, all the staff members took great care of having our requests fulfilled and questions answered in the shortest time.

As usual, we had to come well prepared and bring our "A" game to meet Professors' expectations and to fittingly represent ESSEC Business School. At the end, the amount of learning clearly justifies this week and I consider it a fantastic experience. Indeed, these kind of exchange programs are not only about studying; they are also about meeting new faces, widening one's network and considering new places as possible workplaces. The Mannheim exchange program is clearly recommended for next years' students!

Luckily enough, we had time to go out with our new teammates and to share drinks and local food with them - some of us are already thinking about going back to Germany to enjoy what makes this country so appealing in summer, biergartens!

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