Russia: Visit to ABBYY in Moscow

By Global MBA student Julian Arnaud

What if you are stuck in a meeting where your counterparts have a limited command of the English language?

ABBYY's full range of softwares might be useful and help your VP Sales to secure this big contract he's been chasing.

ABBYY is part of these discreet, successful companies final customers don't necessarily know the name of while at the same time they use their products or are very familiar with their technology.

During our trip to Russia, we had the chance to visit this multinational software company based in suburban Moscow. GMBAs were thrilled to put their hands on smartphones equipped with ABBYY's apps.

From direct translation to business card instant reading and recognition, the class enjoyed and positively reacted to the workshop and the presentation !

Thanks again to the Abbyy staff !![gallery columns="2"]

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