Singapore Company Trek: Louis Vuitton

By Maryam Mohammed, Global MBA student 2012-2013, Qatar

During our term in Singapore we had the opportunity to visit a number of companies and to learn more about how they operate. One of the most educational and enjoyable visits was to the Louis Vuitton Masion at Marina Bay, which is the largest in the world.

The store sits on its very own designated island. The internationally acclaimed architect Peter Marino designed this project, while fifteen internationally recognised artists from the likes of Richard Deacon (who created a magnificent sculpture specially for the maison) and the famed illustrator Ruben Tolledo.

The use of the colour blue was particularly peculiar in this store as it is not a colour that is traditionally used in the design of Louis Vuitton stores. However, the use of this colour was incorporated into the stores design as it complimented the store's concept of transporting visitors into feeling like they are on a yacht in the sea.

Being present at such a beautiful setting, while walking around the store and being shown the various sections, provided the class with an inspiring backdrop to engage with our host and ask questions. Even those who did not have an interest in the luxury or retail sectors seemed to be very engaged with our host and eager to learn more about the company.

This was definably one of the most impressive Louis Vuitton stores that I have visited, not only because of its sheer size but also because of the product selection that was available. There were sections that contained books and stationary, to nautical menswear to the most exquisite collection of exotic skin bags.

To end the visit on a special note, we were shown the watches and jewellery section. Watches and jewellery is a relatively new product line for Louis Vuitton that I never thought would be of a level of design and craftsmanship that would be on par with the jewellers of the Place Vendome. It was particularly interesting to learn that Louis Vuitton have patented two new diamond cuts based on their iconic monogram flowers, a rounded flower diamond cut and pointed cut flower diamond, which have 77 facets as opposed to 61.

As I am particularly interested in learning more about the luxury sector this was a great opportunity for me to engage with people from the industry and to ask questions and learn about it first hand. During my time in Singapore, I was also able to expand my understanding of the luxury sector through another trek to DFS Galleria, attend a talk with the Managing Director or Hermes in Asia amongst another things.

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