Digitas Company Visit

By Reita Hutagalung, Global MBA student 2012-2013, Indonesia

As part of our Career Activities, we visit companies in order to get to know more about the company’s business and opportunities.  On June 26, we visited a company called Digitas.  Digitas is an integrated advertising agency and a member of the Publicis Group. The company currently has over 3,000 employees in 28 offices in 18 countries and also owns The Third Act: (a brand content platform) and Prodigious Worldwide (a global digital productions company). The visit opened with a networking breakfast at Digitas’ office and we had the chance to speak to the leaders from different units.

The first speaker talked about their innovative ways of creating solutions or advertisements while trying to understand their clients’ underlying needs. In creating their innovative advertisements, Digitas is open to experimenting with new technologies. One of the examples given that day was very interesting from both a technological perspective, its creativity in reaching the public, and how it effectively grabbed the attention of both men and women. Another example they gave was also very creative: using smartphone applications and GPS to make a race marketing activity.

The second speaker was from a different unit and spoke more on servicing clients. It was very interesting that the organization of Digitas is flexible and designed to meet clients’ needs. Being a global company, it leverages its worldwide location strength and is thus able to service a global client; however, local offices also have their own markets. The second speaker also had an interesting profile in terms of being active in the social media world due to the demands of the work. As social media is now trending as means of marketing, someone who wants to be involved in digital marketing has to be savvy and up to date in social media. When opening accounts in trending social media, it is important to understand how each social media platform works and thus be able to measure its effectiveness and make strategies. This was very interesting as it struck me how different marketing is now compared to, let’s say, 7 years ago. The development of technology has changed the habits of the population more than ever before – especially the younger population – at a fast pace.

The visit then was closed with a tour of their office spaces. Their layout was unique and their d├ęcor was cool! I have always loved to see advertising agency offices; “boring and strict” is just not the aura of the place. Thank you Digitas, for the warm welcome and interesting presentations!

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