Where are they now? Interview with alumnus Lesley Green ‘12

Where can ESSEC’s Global MBA take you? A year after graduating, alumnus Lesley Green ’12 shares her experience on the MBA blog.

What drew you to study with the Global MBA?

I was living in the USA at the time and I decided that I really wanted to get my MBA. However, 95% of programs offered in the USA are 2 year programs and I didn't want to be unemployed for that long. Also, gaining international experience was at the top priority on my list. The program at ESSEC was too great to pass up. I spent 5 weeks learning in Singapore, a month in South Africa doing my International Immersion Project, a week in Russia learning about their business prospects and a week doing an exchange in Germany, along with the rest of the year in France! It doesn't get any more global then that!

Could you describe your career path after your graduation from ESSEC? What is your current role and responsibilities?

After studying at ESSEC for a year I knew that I wanted to stay in Europe. I moved to Munich, where my job prospects were high, took a few months of German and got a great job as a Product Marketing Manager at hybris software, an SAP company. Currently, I'm in charge of managing our customer stories and content for the marketing and sales teams.

Was there anything particular about the Global MBA that helped prepare you for your career path or qualify you for your current position?

I've had the chance to work with many of our clients all around Europe and in the USA and without the GMBA I wouldn't have been as prepared for the cultural differences. Also, the MBA filled out my business background. I was mostly focused on Marketing and Sales before the MBA, but since graduation I have a much better understanding of overall business strategy. I've been able to use my acquired skills to think about the bigger picture when making everyday decisions.

What advice would you give to our new students just entering the program? What advice would you give to our new graduates who are beginning their job search? 

For the new students: Network as much as possible! Take advantage of the opportunities to explore all these new places. Take some time to understand the differences of the European and Asian cultures. Make friends with your professors and get to know the GMBA team, they're a very useful resource when you finish!


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