Visit to Orange Technocenter

By Claudia Pumarejo, Global MBA 2013-2014, Mexico

On February 3rd, the Global MBA participants were welcomed at the Chatillon technocenter of French telecommunications giant Orange. Orange, formerly known as France Télécom, is currently present in 32 countries, but actually has networks in more than 200 countries worldwide.

The technocenter is the site for new product development and innovation in the Orange group. There are three other Orange technocenters located in London, Amman and Abidjan. Each pursues a highly localized strategy to adapt to its customers, while also benefiting from exchanges with a wide range of partners. After Europe and the Middle East, Orange’s primary market is Africa, due to historic, cultural, and linguistic links with other francophone countries.

The people working at the technocenter have a very strong focus on marketing and designer. We listened to three different presentations about the company and we were even able to see a product that has not yet arrived in stores. The technocenter was set up like a house with a bedroom, living room, dining room, and TV room, all filled with Orange solutions.

We also saw other interesting products using NFC technology, which allows you to make payments or give commands touch-free. Orange has their own “cloud” with movies, songs, and all sorts of data… And it’s looking forward to exploring the future of big data.

We were pleased to learn that Orange has a foundation working in over 30 countries (primarily in Africa) that focuses on the following issues: autism and healthcare, education and training, music and culture, digital solidarity, and employment involvement.

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