Business Immersion in Chile

By Ingrid Cazalis, Global MBA 2013-2014, France

Almost one year since we began; our IIP is almost over and our MBA too. I have the impression of closing one chapter and beginning a new adventure.

Back in April, Santiago Hoyos and I were chosen for an internship in Chile for an amazing company with this unique concept: giving 100% of the profits to childcare foundations. Our mission was to evaluate the concept for exportation to France. May and June a race to collect all the date, organize two focus groups, collect 100 questionnaires, and interview more than 10 experts in the field. After bringing it all together, we were able to indicate the right product for the company, as well as build a communication and marketing strategy to penetrate the French market.

The company had already exported its concept in Peru and Uruguay with success, but no initial budget. In France, living costs and company expenses are much more expensive, so we needed to come up with a lot of tricks and tips for getting off the ground cheaply. We had discussions with the right suppliers, who will be able to support us, but still need to penetrate the large retailers.

The opportunity to take two weeks away from our MBA studies, and outside of France, reminded us of how lucky we were to be in this place (and how hard we worked to get here). Chile’s economy is growing rapidly and offers increasing opportunities. As I had previously worked in Mexico and lived in Paraguay, while Santiago is Colombian, it was a reminder of a different culture and a different way of doing business. We also took advantage of our time in Chile to do a little networking.

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