First Impressions of the Global MBA

By Saket Pandit, Global MBA 2014-2015, India

After many months of preparation, we are finally here! Having spent some gruelling months with the GMAT, several application essays, getting letters of recommendation and the interview, it feels good to actually be at ESSEC.

My first impressions about ESSEC started forming at the Welcome Centre, which was amazingly well organized. The team from ESSEC had all our documents ready, from accommodation to student IDs to helpful information about Cergy. After a long flight, it was indeed great to see things in place and be able to quickly move into our respective studios.

Friday, 05 September was a formal induction for all three MBA programs. The day started with a warm welcome from Mr. Jean-Michel BLANQUER, who is the President of ESSEC Business School. He spoke about the pioneering spirit at ESSEC and how we all can contribute to a truly meaningful year ahead. Right after that we got a glimpse of the bundle of fantastic energy called Peter O'CONNOR, who is the Dean of Academic Programs. It was wonderful to see him speak and I am sure we all will learn a great deal from him this year. Jeanine PICARD and Claire GAUDISSART, Director of Studies and Career Services Manager, respectively, also welcomed us.

My very first impression about the Global MBA program was how truly Global it is. In a class of 21, we have 11 nationalities represented! I would say that is phenomenal. We have amongst us an automobile enthusiast from India, an English graduate from Japan, a lawyer from Peru, a psychology major from Canada, a military engineer from Chile and many more interesting people. I am really looking forward to sharing with and learning from my peers.

We are all going to be working in highly dynamic and international business environments, and to be able to interact with such a diverse bunch of people is a massive learning experience.

Another Global aspect of the MBA is the breadth of the international exposure. We have a mandatory academic term in Singapore, a study trip to another country and a consulting project in a third country! That means we would all have seen a good deal of the world by the time our Global MBA ends next year.

This coming week we are all off to the French Military Academy in St. Cyr for a Leadership Camp. We will spend three days at St. Cyr developing our leadership skills. I hope it is fun for everyone!


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