IBM & Louis Vuitton: First Company Visits

By Constanza Barrena, Global MBA 2014-2015, Chile

Something that caught our attention from the beginning of the Global MBA was the program’s strong corporate relations, which will enable us to maintain a connection with the business world while we improve our skills through the MBA. Throughout the year, several activities are planned in order to strengthen our understanding of diverse industries. Among these activities are company visits, which we began during the third month of the program. We have already visited the IBM France headquarters and the Louis Vuitton warehouse for Europe… Two completely different sectors, but both equally interesting and exciting to learn about.

First off, we visited IBM a few weeks ago. We were received by a manger who shared not only information about the company with us, but also discussed the company’s culture and the career challenges we could face as part of their team that would enable us to thrive and grow as professionals. We also learned more about the different roles and employee policies, were are very innovative; you can work from home or from various regions of the world, so if you need flexibility with dynamic and interesting tasks, then maybe IBM is the right fit for you. Furthermore, the managers were really open to talking to us, personally or in a group, and you could tell they were passionate about their company and interested in engaging us ESSEC students in their vision.

Our visit to the Louis Vuitton warehouse was completely different… it was all about looking at how things were done. Something that immediately caught our attention was how everyone greets you with a nice “good morning” or “Bonjour,” which immediately shows this company’s strong culture. We learned about the system for processing orders, the importance they put on service (no surprise, as it is a luxury brand), and the focus on detail and quality in every step of the process. At Louis Vuitton, every single order is processed with an attention to detail as though it were the only order… and they process over 8,000 units per day! Impressive!

This is just the beginning of the business immersion that will take place throughout the year, and I can’t wait for more of these experiences!

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