The Global MBA Class of 2015

Saket Pandit, Global MBA 2014-2015, India

'They say all good things come to an end, and at last, we are at the end of our wonderful MBA experience. Time indeed flies and I can't believe that its been one year since we started off. It feels like we only started a few weeks ago. 

This one year has been productive, engaging, challenging, tough, enriching, exacting and above all, meaningful. 

Our program started with a leadership boot camp at the famed St Cyr Military Academy of the French Armed Forces. It was everything we expected, times two. We went as 21 individuals and come back as a group.

Term 1 laid a solid foundation for the program. We learned all the fundamentals of business, from Strategy to Statistics to Management Accounting. The sheer challenge of Statistical Analysis was balanced by the fun of Managerial Communication. Yes, MBA subjects can be fun too!

Most importantly, we started working in teams, which is crucial to our success as Managers in an increasingly global business world. All teams were diverse and it was the beginning of an excellent peer learning process. 

Term 2 started in Cergy and we had a packed schedule. This time around, Corporate Finance was not balanced by Operations Management :) January was probably the toughest month of the program, since we packed in 3 challenging subjects in just one month, and that also means 3 examinations. 

Come February and it was time for one of the most exciting parts of the Global MBA - Singapore! For many of my classmates, it was their first time in Asia. We were especially thrilled to be amongst the very first students to study on ESSEC's brand new campus. Singapore was everything we imagined, and more. It truly combines the best of the West and the East. Its efficiency is unparalleled and its growth story unbelievable. Undoubtedly many of us would love to work in Singapore.

Singapore was challenging and engaging in its own way. We studied some really key subjects there, which further strengthened our managerial knowledge base. All along Term 2 we also had the company of our wonderful friends from Mannheim Business School. 

Term 3 was all about designing your learning experience yourself, through a vast choice of interesting electives. We still had one mandatory subject, and that brought us all together once weekly. Term 3 is the time when most students actively work on securing their next career opportunity.

Throughout the year we also visited a wide range of companies. This was truly fantastic, as industry interaction is critical in a management program. We also had several guest speakers, who shared a wealth of information and experiences with us. I'm definitely grateful to have interacted with such smart and talented people. I'm sure my classmates would agree.

As the MBA comes to an end, I feel that it has truly been a 'Global' MBA in every way. We have 11 nationalities in the program, we visited 3 different countries as part of our academics and we also have a very diverse faculty that taught us. I never thought I would interact with such a varied set of people in one single place. I'm really grateful to everyone who has made this important year such a success. Our professors, career services, academic and administrative staff, guest speakers, and of course, my wonderful classmates. 

We now enter the next phase of our professional lives, very well equipped and we have made friends for life.

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