Economic Empowerment of the Needy (SEEN)

PraveenKumar Sundararaju, current Global MBA student showcased his social business venture, Society for Economic Empowerment of the Needy (SEEN) at the European Social Business Forum, 2016 at Utrecht, Netherlands. The venture was showcased to Muhammad Yunus, Nobel prize laureate and other participants.

European Social Business Forum was created in 2013 and designed to bring together everyone active in social business. Furthermore, it gives insights to those interested in the concept and creates a familiar networking atmosphere for all participants. One of the main goals of the forum is to use participants' expertise and experience to shape the way forward for social business in Europe. The program of the European Social Business Forum is composed of key note speeches, panel discussions and presentations of activities, as well as interactive sessions in which solutions for relevant topics are discussed. In addition, exhibitions give an opportunity to showcase concrete examples of social businesses, exploring innovative ways to solve social issues within the society.

SEEN is involved in empowering the informal sector by providing need based training through public and private partnership in India, and also through product innovation. The trained workforce will be connected to the customer through the online platform. The initial service includes household service, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, gardening, landscaping, etc. The pilot project will commence soon in India. 

The Product R&D is to provide affordable and innovative solutions to the informal workforce in India. The team analyzes the top problems and proposes solutions which are feasible and affordable by the people in need. 

Electronic Wearable Cleaning Device:

Praveen showcased one of his inventions of an Electronic Wearable Cleaning Device (patent pending) to assist millions of domestic workers in India. The domestic workers are mostly women and are paid poor.  They work on 2-3 houses per day and they soft hands become rough because of day long cleaning work.  The activities include cleaning utensils, washing clothes, etc. The product is a wearable device with automatic brushes, motors and rechargeable batteries. The device can reduce their time and effort by 40% and protect their hands from chemical exposure. It also prevents Tennis elbow syndrome. It is a multi-purpose device that can be used for cleaning utensils, washing clothes and washing cars. 

The other products include Low Cost Refrigerator (concept) and a Digital Writing Device to replace traditional paper based notebook.  Praveen and his team were also the regional finalist in Hult prize, Shanghai.


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