Five reasons to choose the ESSEC Global MBA

So, you’ve decided to get an MBA, congrats! Don’t pop the champagne just yet though. Deciding to pursue an MBA is just the beginning; the next step is deciding which business school and MBA program to apply for.

Which MBA you choose to pursue will depend on why you want to do an MBA in the first place. Maybe you’re looking to advance in your chosen field, or perhaps you’re planning to switch careers altogether. You might be interested in studying abroad, or you may prefer to stay in your home country. Whatever your particular reasons, the best MBA programs today include a strong international component designed to give candidates the skills they need to succeed in the global business arena.

Why get your MBA at ESSEC? Here are a few reasons why the ESSEC Global MBA is a top choice for ambitious professionals today.

1) A focus on international business skills.

Succeeding in the business world today—no matter your industry or specialisation—requires international know-how. Why get your MBA at all if you aren’t going to use it to expand your global network and sharpen your cross-cultural business skills? The ESSEC Global MBA has a truly international foundation, with a curriculum aimed at teaching candidates to think outside the box in a stimulating, multi-cultural context. Two campuses in France and Singapore, international field trips, and a diverse student body bolster the program’s international focus.

2) The opportunity to create connections across a diverse student body and an alumni network.

The ESSEC Global MBA student body is made up of 90% international students. This means that candidates are given the opportunity to forge a truly global network of connections through the program. What’s more, working alongside fellow candidates from different walks of life offers ESSEC students invaluable insights into overcoming the unique challenges of doing business across geographical and cultural barriers.

3) The ESSEC Global MBA boasts six exciting majors.

Whatever your dream job, the MBA has a specialisation to meet your requirements, including:

4) Choose between campuses in Paris and Singapore.

Candidates undertaking the Global MBA program can choose to begin the year at one of two campuses depending on the major. Immerse yourself in the French culture, cuisine, and language at our prestigious ESSEC France campus in Paris, or get a taste of the Asian way of doing business at our new Asia-Pacific ESSEC campus in the bustling, opportunity-rich city of Singapore. That’s not all: the MBA program includes international field trips and boots-on-the-ground immersion in real-world projects.

5) The ESSEC Global MBA is designed to accelerate your career.

The ESSEC Global MBA is ranked among the top seven MBAs in Europe for employability. Our 12-month intensive Global MBA combines world-class tuition and established industry partnerships to help students kick their careers into high gear. Ninety percent of ESSEC Global MBA students secure employment within four months of graduation and 84% of graduates successfully change job sectors, thanks to the school’s focus on networking and recruitment events, one-to-one career counselling, mentorship programs, and professional workshops.

We have surrounded ourselves with industry experts representing all the six majors. The Alliance of Strategic Partners, chaired by Mr. Pierre Nanterme, CEO of Accenture, provides advice on the corporate needs and trends, academic content, strategic partnerships, and access to corporate resources. The Alliance partners also serve as​ the program’s ambassadors to help establish strong relationships between the industry and Global MBA students. (lien

If you’re still not sure which MBA program is the right fit for you, download our whitepaper How to find the perfect MBA . In it, we look into the four most important things to keep in mind when choosing an MBA program.

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