Five things no one tells you about doing an MBA

Prepare yourself for business school with these five insider insights on what it’s really like to get your MBA:

1. Your EQ is just as important as your IQ.

MBA student Rachel Truair points out that business school challenges your EQ (emotional quotient) just as much as your IQ (intelligence quotient). “How well you handle frustrating situations, your ability to relate to and connect with others, and your overall self-awareness will be put to the test just as often as your quantitative skills,” she says. This is partly why getting your MBA makes you so attractive to potential employers. The degree doesn’t only focus on theory and strategy, but on sharpening leadership instincts and nurturing interpersonal skills too. Successful graduates are well-rounded, clear-headed business people capable of making sound decisions in high-pressured situations.

2. Your social life doesn’t have to be put on hold.

Sure, pursuing an MBA takes a truckload of commitment. And well it should: why get your MBA at all if you aren’t prepared to give it your absolute best shot? But that doesn’t mean that you have to completely write off your friends and family for the duration of the program. In fact, it’s really important to intentionally make time for the things you love, like spending quality time with your family or heading off for a weekend camping in the woods. Not only are these things great ways to manage stress, they’re also what makes you, you. Don’t lose sight of that.

3. Everyone’s expectations of you will rocket sky high.

Once you have an MBA behind your name, people are going to expect more from you. We’re not just talking line managers and bosses either; family members, friends, and spouses will see you in a whole new light and you might suddenly feel like everyone’s waiting for you to do something great. The good news? With your new skills and international business savvy, you’re more than capable of outperforming even the highest expectations.

4. You’re going to learn how to ask for help.

You can’t be good at everything. That’s a fact. There are going to be courses and modules that really, really challenge you, and as a result the MBA is going to teach you yet another valuable life skill: knowing when – and how – to ask for help. One of the reasons why getting your MBA is such a mind broadening experience is because you’ll be introduced to a wide array of truly brilliant minds, lecturers and fellow classmates included. Don’t see your classmates as competitors or threats, rather, see them as invaluable opportunities to learn how other people think and work. You stand to gain useful insights through simply asking those around you for help.

5. International MBA programs offer incredible travel opportunities.

You probably have at least one friend who will ask you this question: ‘Why get your MBA when you can take a year off to travel the world instead?’ In reality, with the right MBA program, you can do both. For example, the ESSEC Global MBA offers students the choice of two campuses in Paris and Singapore, as well as international field trips to countries like South Africa, Germany, India, and the United Arab Emirates. To find out more about the ESSEC Global MBA program, download our brochure

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