Visit to Amazon Web Services in Singapore

By Ms. Hang Nguyen, ESSEC Global MBA Student Ambassador
Global MBA students were recently invited for an office visit at Amazon Web Services in Singapore. With a warm welcome from the AWS APAC Business Development team, we had a chance to learn more about Amazon's overall culture as well as their cloud computing department. As Amazon is a leading technology giant, we were extremely excited to have the opportunity to interact directly with the team and understand their experience of working there. During the visit, we also had the chance to meet other MBA students neighboring institutions in the area.

During the sharing session, our presenter focused on Amazon’s mission of becoming the most customer-centric company along with their global and regional strategies. The company achieves their goals through a combination of leadership principles, which the management team and every employee is expected to live by, and a culture of continued innovation.
As the conversation went along, the team helped us to clear up some preconceived notions of working in a tech firm. Even though Amazon Web Services and cloud computing may sound very technical, their team members have a  wide variety of backgrounds, beyond just computer science or engineering. They are composed of individuals coming from psychology to mathematics or might even have an MBA or experience in marketing, etc. A personal passion and a strong culture fit is what makes a solid team at Amazon.
The discussion was concluded with a networking session, where we had the opportunity to mingle with other MBA students and Amazon staff from different teams. Their complex yet exciting daily work, as well as enthusiastic energy, truly inspired us. Between continuous efforts to expand strategically, handling cross-continental teamwork over late nights in the office and serving customers in a timely manner, they sure remember to squeeze in some real fun.

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