Participant Spotlight: Emily Zheng, Finance major

Emily Zheng, a current participant from the Finance Major of the Global MBA, worked at the Beijing Office of Société Générale prior to pursuing the MBA at ESSEC. She tells us more about why she decided to join the program and how her experience has been. 

Why did you choose ESSEC?

I have always been working in European companies and understand that ESSEC is well-recognized among the French community and in the European market. ESSEC is also known for the diversity of its participants and faculty body, which was an important factor for me to choose ESSEC as I would like to work in an international environment and have global mobility.

Why did you choose the ​Finance major?

I have worked in the Financial industry for eight years and planned to stay in the industry after graduation. Without an academic background in Finance, I felt that choosing the Finance major would help deepen my understanding of the industry and allow me to understand the European market better.

What was your favorite aspect of the program?

My favorite aspect of the program, as aforementioned, is its diversity. In contrast to other generalist MBA programs, ESSEC offers various majors, and I, therefore, had the opportunities to meet classmates with very different backgrounds, interests, and career goals. We also had lots of opportunities to immerse ourselves in a multicultural environment through group work and school projects.

Furthermore, we met with many companies in the banking industry, in particular during the field trip to New York City. The highlight for me was that we visited the headquarters of Bloomberg.

What advice would you have for future participants to make the most out of their experience in the MBA?

Take the opportunity to build strong ties with your classmates who will be with you throughout the program, and always give your best during group work and any projects. This is the best chance for you to experience how it is like working in an international environment.

Manage your time wisely - you might be overwhelmed with the group work at the beginning of the program, but make sure to also allocate time to network and prepare for your job search, because the year flies by really quickly.

Interested in finding out more about the Finance major of the Global MBA? Get in touch with our ambassador, Gianluca Errico.

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