Visit to Ecole Lesage Paris | Luxury Brand Management major

by Emilia Wilson, Global MBA participant 2018-2019, Luxury Brand Management major

Photo by Kamie Pham

Participants from the Luxury Brand Management major of the Global MBA enjoyed a fabulous day at Ecole Lesage last Friday. Integrated into Chanel's Paraffection group to protect the integrity and the craft of the atelier, Lesage is the embroiderer of the haute couture world.


The day started with a presentation at Ecole Lesage on the history of fashion, the importance of the ateliers on which major fashion houses rely for the more refined crafts such as embroidery, fabric pleating, and feather-work, and Lesage's own history in the industry.

We were then transported to the workshop, where we observed the craftspeople working on various stages of the embroidery process. To close the visit of the workshop, we explored some of the thousands of samples that Lesage has stored from the 1800s onward. After a short lunch break, we tried our own hand at a piece of embroidery, which clearly demonstrated to us the precision required to produce even the smallest works.

All in all, this provided an incredible insight into the artistry and lengthy process involved in the craft of broderie.

Watch a highlight video of the visit:

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