Why Singapore is the best place for your MBA

By Jeffrey Fraser, Global MBA Ambassador 2018-2019, Digital Business & Innovation Major

Location, location, location.

This mantra extends far beyond the realm of real estate. My own mentors frequently reminded me not to overlook this critical variable in the MBA selection process - after all, the classroom learning is only one part of the MBA experience, right? Whether it’s enhancing your leadership capabilities within your current company, starting your own business or pivoting to a new function or industry, the school’s proximity to target companies, thought leaders, extended networks and active communities can play a pivotal role in helping you achieve your ultimate goal on the other side of graduation.

So, at this point you may be wondering, “What does Singapore have to offer?”

From campus life to networking events and beyond, here’s a recap of just a few of the things that ESSEC Asia-Pacific and the greater Singapore community has offered in the past few months! ___

Nugit: The Future is Data Storytelling

Nugit, a data storytelling platform for enterprises and technology companies, hosted this event in partnership with LinkedIn on 12 September. The event highlighted the innovations that continue to evolve data visualization as well as to highlight the impact that data storytelling can have on society. Keynote speakers and panelists included world renowned data visualization experts.

Postgraduate Networking Event at ESSEC Asia-Pacific

On 9 November, 25 companies came to the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus to meet ESSEC’s future changemakers. The 120+ students in attendance were given the opportunity to mingle and network with representatives from companies representing a range of industries - including foodpanda, Dentsu Aegis Network, Deliveroo, ClaraVista, Antler,and more.

Singapore Fintech Festival
ESSEC students and faculty were invited to attend the annual Singapore FinTech Festival (12-14 November), considered to be one of the largest platforms for the global FinTech community. This year, 30,000+ attendees were introduced to more than 300 exhibiting companies from 31 countries.
For more information, visit Singapore FinTech Festival’s official website here: https://fintechfestival.sg/
World Food Future for Women (WFF) Launch Event
When people think of industries that make Singapore tick, they’ll probably think of food (huge foodie culture here) but they may overlook the fact that Singapore has a robust community of non-profits and social enterprises as well. The World Food Future for Women launch event (14 November) was a tender melange of these two cultures and brought together a community of invested individuals, united by the founders who represent UN Women and Halo Health Asia.
“WFF is an annual conference that focuses on women as the key decision makers of family food and nutrition choices. Women together control US$20 trillion of the world economy, 93% of all food consumer purchases and 85% of all consumer purchases. They are also the primary caregivers of children and the elderly.... WFF serves as a platform to bring women food consumers towards a better understanding of a highly fast-paced, fast-changing and increasingly disrupted food world.”
Click here to learn more about World Food Future for Women https://www.worldfoodfuture.com/
Virtually Versailles
ESSEC, in partnership with the Palace of Versailles, organized an exhibition that was open to the public from November 2018 to January 2019. For the exhibition’s launch, ESSEC alumni, students, faculty, and friends gathered to network and were the first to check out this digital experience.
A World Heritage Site of immense wonder, the Palace of Versailles stands as the symbol of culture, history and the French philosophy of Art de Vivre. This digital exploration invited visitors to step within the storied compounds, and discover the majesty and lore of Versailles in an innovative way.
A public follow-up conference on the topic of Heritage and Innovation was held on 11 December, with opening remarks made by Prof. Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Dean and President of ESSEC Business School, and keynote presentations made by Chris Chong (Dy Managing Director CapitaLand Retail) and ESSEC Professor Xavier Pavie. The conference had a full turnout, including the ESSEC Board of Directors among them.
Watch this video to relive the highlights from the Opening Ceremony of Virtually Versailles in Singapore.
On-Campus Events and Activities:
Being a Global MBA participant at ESSEC doesn’t confine you to a bubble - with hundreds of students on campus, there are plenty of people to meet. Student services is hard at work to organize events and groups to foster a strong, diverse community on campus. Check out some of their latest work below:
Diwali/Deepvali Night
ESSEC Asia-Pacific is a historically French school in the heart of Singapore, so naturally there will be a prominent presence of international flair. With substantial international representation in the class (I’m from the States myself), the school is adamant about celebrating this diversity.
ESSEC Football Team
A little competition never hurt anyone, right? Our football team currently has 30+ students participating in local events around Singapore, competing with teams from other schools and organizations. Despite their rigorous study schedules, the team’s practice has been paying off, as seen in their latest 10-1 triumph.
Fitness and fostering greater connections in Singapore - one point at a time ;)
Volunteering with Willing Hearts
It’s not enough to be a strong leader - the world wants and needs responsible, thoughtful leaders who give back to society. Students started the year by volunteering at Willing Hearts soup kitchen and have gone on to continue their volunteer work with Willing Hearts and other local NGOs.
Singapore: Vibrant, Connected City Life

This has been just a small sampling of what an MBA experience in Singapore has to offer. From volunteer work with local NGOs to one of the largest Fintech Festivals in the world, Singapore is not just Southeast Asia’s hub for innovation, business, arts, and beyond, but one of the most lively and vibrant cities in the world.

Next up in our blog series: Industry experts, company visits, CV writing, and more - how Career Services enhances the Global MBA experience and prepares us for life beyond graduation.

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