Global MBA 2018-2019 | ​Mentorship Program Kick-Off

By ​Aaina MAHAJAN, ESSEC Asia-Pacific Career Services Ambassador, ESSEC Global MBA Candidate, Class of 2018-2019

The ESSEC Asia-Pacific Career Services department kick-started the year with the Mentorship Program for the current Global MBA cohort. The key objectives of the program are to give an opportunity to the participants for them to learn from their mentors, to better understand the industry and the function that they are interested in, and at the same build their professional network in Singapore. 

Prof. Aarti Ramaswami, Academic Director of the ESSEC Global MBA program and Deputy Dean of ESSEC Asia-Pacific, delivered the welcome address which officiated the launch of the Mentorship Program.

The mentors in the Mentorship Program are all renowned ESSEC alumni based in Singapore currently working in various industries, and have voluntarily devoted their time and energy towards helping mentees strengthen their career plans. During the Global MBA Mentorship Program Kick-Off party, participants had the opportunity to meet and dine with their mentors for the first time, and to have a better understanding of their mentors’ career and industry experiences.

This learning will help them to comprehend the current trends and challenges that the market is facing today and how these challenges can be navigated through effective leadership skills. The participants can also learn from the experiences of the mentors across different function and industries, which in turn can help them to navigate job shifts smoothly.

Ms. Saloni Kapoor, Global MBA Ambassador, who joins the renewable energy vertical and has been paired with Christophe Bornet Morienne, Sales and Business Development, Onduline Group, shares “With the Mentorship Program, ESSEC is giving us a unique opportunity: to learn from the experience of our ESSEC alumnus mentor. Ultimately, when we are out in the job market and have to face challenges and come up with creative solutions, the mentorship experience is something that we have in our MBA toolkit to help us solve complex issues. Apart from this, it is a chance to expand our diverse international network.”

This program is certainly an important milestone in a participant's academic and professional journey which leads towards their overall career development.

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