The #ESSECGMBAExperience - January in Cergy

By S├ębastien Leroy, Hospitality Management Major, Global MBA Ambassador 2018-2019

No matter how many alumni or faculty members warn you that the year flies by, you don’t really fully realize till it hits you! Indeed, the first term went faster than anyone could have imagined. In January, things picked up very quickly, in part thanks to two great visiting professors whom the Hospitality Management majors of the Global MBA are very glad to have! In addition to these two wonderful professors, we had the chance of attending a fascinating job fair which made the last week even more interesting and exciting. 

One of our professors is Prof. Sunmee Choi, who hails from the Yonsei University, a Top-Tier Korean institution. Prof. Choi is very dynamic and teaches the subject of Revenue Management in a very passionate way. She has a fascinating industry experience, as in her early career, she worked for at the time of its inception. Following her passion for hospitality, she decided to pursue her studies at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, where she completed her Master and her PhD. She has been a visiting professor at ESSEC since 2003.

Understanding the principles of Revenue and Yield Management, which were first developed in the Airline Industry, establishes valuable notions within the context of the Global MBA, Hospitality Management. Discussing different challenges linked to technology, data quality and organizational structures within the context on Revenue Management helps us gain insight into the subject. The skills gained are also transferrable. Indeed, the ability to drive revenue by understanding demand, pricing and inventory can be applied to a vast number of industries, beyond the travel and tourism field.

Our second visiting professor is Prof. Giacomo Morri, from the prestigious SDA Bocconi School of Management. During his course, entitled principles of Real Estate, Prof. Morri lays the foundations for more advanced and technical courses in Asset Management and Real Estate Finance to come in our third and final term. Many of the jobs relevant to the Hospitality Management majors of the Global MBA are closely related to Real Estate and Asset Management, therefore Prof. Morri’s course is of utmost importance to us. He has the innate quality of making concepts easy to understand and we highly enjoy his personality and passion for the industry.

The opportunity to benefit from courses by these visiting professors, in addition to our courses by the ESSEC faculty, enforces the truly global identity of our program.

We were also excited to attend the ESSEC Talents Days, a campus-wide event organized by the Career Services Team on January 29th and 30th, where over 130 companies from varied industries were present. Most of the top consulting and auditing companies, as well as major real estate, finance and food retail companies such as Allianz, Amazon, BCG, Covivio, JLL, METRO, and Pernod-Ricard were present! The Hospitality Management majors of the Global MBA were able to meet representatives from many relevant companies from the Real Estate, Asset Management, Consulting and Food Retail industries. Most participants had the opportunity to speak to interesting industry leaders and make useful contacts during the fair.

We are nearly at the halfway mark of second term…stay tuned for more exciting updates to come!

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