Global MBA Mock Interview Sessions

Global MBA participants recently met with HR professionals and headhunters from 9 different companies for a series of mock interviews, during which they had the opportunity to put their interview skills to the test.

In preparation for the mock interviews, participants were matched with HR professionals based on their professional project.

Over 2 days, the Global MBA participants were put in a real-life interview situation with a recruitment professional.

Upstream, they prepared the structure of their presentation, their capacity to clearly answer questions, to illustrate and to convince.

The "candidates" brought, along with their CV, an existing job opening for which they were "applying to" and had to develop on the relevance of their professional project with regard to their profile, positioning and past experience.

The recruitment professional ended the interview by sharing objective feedback and advice on the best courses of action for the future.

Participants Guillaume Deleplanque and Elizabeth Kwon tell us more about their takeaways from the experience:

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