Global MBA – Digital Week Competition

by Anirban Paul, Global MBA Ambassador 2018-2019, Strategy and Management Major

After a hectic week of globetrotting for the business trips, the Global MBA cohort came together in Cergy for the most awaited Digital Week Competition 2019. It was the perfect occasion to welcome our Singapore-based classmates to Cergy, and this competition offered an ideal platform for participants from both locations to work together.

The Format

In its second edition for the Global MBA batch, the Digital Week Competition is an intense, week-long competition where seven companies across industries, including some major ESSEC partners, share real-life real business cases and strategic issues related to digital transformation. A total of 21 teams (three teams assigned to each company) were expected to perform the role of digital consultants, part of a digital agency competing against other teams to share the best approach and solution to the cases shared by these companies.

The preparation and approach

After an introduction to the Digital Week Competition by the managing committee, teams worked closely with the assigned companies to understand the cases and start working towards a solution. Coaches with extensive industry experience were assigned to work closely with teams and provide guidance. The preparation for the finals was a journey filled with an ebb and flow of emotions and a crash course on how things work in the business world.

The grand finale

An intense week of preparation was followed by the presentation of digital solutions by the teams to representatives of their assigned companies. After a thorough review, each company selected one team that would represent them at the grand finale. The stage was set for the grand finale, with seven teams ready to showcase their skills as digital consultants. All the presentations were an excellent mix of strategy, marketing, emotions and humor. At the end, the team from Moët Hennessy (Giulia, Kristine, Malek and Christophe) won the Grand Prize, with the team from Candriam (Antoine, Anirban, Rodney, and Kailash) winning the Special Prize and the team from Y-experience (Shreya, Paul, and Faye) winning the Participant’s Choice award.

Grand Prize: The Moët Hennessy team

Special Prize: The Candriam team

Participants' Choice: The Y Experience Team

The importance of this event

The Digital Week Competition provides an insight into the business world and the key challenges companies face in the digital world. The opportunity to participate in an intense and competitive environment simulates real-world challenges and prepares students to get a glimpse of the environment they would be working in post MBA. Apart from showcasing strategic and digital skills, students are also given the opportunity to develop their people management skills, which are extremely critical to succeed in the professional world. The Digital Week Competition also sets the tone to the longer Capstone project where teams would work with companies to resolve more complex problems and design more impactful, long-term solutions for the client.

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