Ireland : An Island with an Ocean of Opportunities


By Bhawna Periwal, ESSEC Global MBA Strategy & Management major 2019-2020

Many MBA participants pursuing an MBA in Europe are often looking to make a career switch to Europe. Have you ever considered pursuing a Career in Ireland? In our recent private talk with Auriane Thomasset, we uncovered the ocean of opportunities that Ireland can offer. 

With a population at just over 4.88 million, its largest cities Dublin and Cork are home to some of the most sought-after companies. Known as the Silicon Valley of the EU, Dublin is home to tech giants like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, etc. Even more so, Ireland is likely going to be the next hotspot after Brexit, the fate of which would be decided by the next UK General Elections. It is expected that post Brexit, there would be relocation of banks to Ireland and increase in Foreign Direct Investments in Ireland. Barclays, Wells Fargo and Bank of America have relocated their EMEA headquarters and will pursue their hirings.

So what is in it for the Global MBA Strategy & Management majors?
With the presence of major tech companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Smartbox, and Intel, there is huge opportunity for strategy professionals inside the tech sector. Accenture, Deloitte and PwC also hire for management consulting in areas such as Digital, Data and Analytics, Technology and Corporate Finance.

What about the Visa process?
Professionals possessing critical skills identified by the Government of Ireland can apply for a Critical Skills Employment Permit. Eligible occupations under this type of permit are deemed to be critically important to growing Ireland’s economy, are highly demanded and highly skilled, and in significant shortage of supply in their labour market. Examples of occupations that have been included in the Critical Skills Occupations List include: IT project and program manager, IT Business Analyst, Management consultants and business analysts specializing in big data analytics with skills in IT, data mining, modelling, and advanced maths, and Business and financial project management professionals specializing in finance and investment analytics, risk analytics, credit, fraud analytics or related and relevant specialist skills.

For any other skills not classified as critical, the employers will need to conduct Resident Labour Market tests.

Work Holidays Visa for up to 1 year can be availed by professionals up to the age of 30 for selected nationalities.

Below are the links to other Irish jobs and recruitment agencies:

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