Digital Week Competition 2021: The winning team shares their experience..

by Nayantara Viswanath, Global MBA Ambassador 2020-2021, Luxury Brand Management France

From Mar 29 – April 2 , 66 participates, spread in 21 teams, among 6 companies participated in an exclusive Digital Week Competition. The ESSEC Global MBA students were challenged to propose innovative and creative solutions to real world problems proposed by partnering companies L’Oréal Luxe, Moet Hennessey Diageo, Vacheron Constatin, Candrium, Orange and FM Logistic.

This week challenged the participants to work in small teams and deliver a 15-minute pitch in addition to a 3-minute teaser video to their respective partner company while maintaining MBA-level professionalism and realism.

In the first round, each team presented to their partner company and received one-on-one feedback and Q&A. In the final round, 5 teams had the opportunity to present in front of a panel of judges who determined the winner based on digital competency, research, problem-solving ability, and business acumen. We were also guided by expert coaches who helped us perfect the pitch and stay focused on the company briefs.

This year, the winning L’Oréal Luxe team described their experience as:

 This was the most intense, yet enriching week of the MBA experience. I truly felt that we could apply both creative and analytical skills to analyze an industry problem and propose a unique solution. The task proposed by L’Oréal Luxe was not only relevant in today’s digital environment, but also challenged us to think outside the box. I enjoyed working with my teammates who showed passion, knowledge,and dedication to giving 110% to this competition-Nayantara Viswanath


I really enjoyed the ESSEC DWC because it gave me the opportunity to work with a company on a real problem they are trying to solve. It was a great way to get hands-on experience of challenges our target industries and companies are facing. It was a pleasure working with my team. The skills and expertise each member brought complimented those of the other two members. Combining this with our shared interest in the beauty industry resulted in a strong team that was focused and goal oriented - Ana Carissa Daez

This year’s Digital Challenge Week was a true test of hard work and determination. Throughout our MBA journey we have been trained for design thinking and problem solving. This was a special opportunity to apply what we’ve learned to a business case with a team of like-minded ambitious students. Throughout the process I came to terms that when you are passionate about the work you do it is always worth it. I really appreciated the hardworking of my teammates which strengthened my ideas and work ethic. My MBA journey has been filled with constant wins both formally and personally. Winning the DWC was another confirmation that I am on track to achieving anything I set my mind to - Anita Ehui

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