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As a part of their integration, the ESSEC Global MBA Class of 2022, spent their first weekend building a recreational facility for kids. They started by giving back to the community and making a real, tangible difference to people's lives. #Together, they delivered a new facility for the charity in collaboration with Splash projects.

The Splash Projects are experiential in their nature and aim to provide a forum for the ESSEC students to get to know their peer group before embarking on their MBA journey.

Throughout the experience, they developed team building skills and problem-solving skills in a true creative environment. Worked in groups, which allowed them to get to know one another and build strong relationships right at the beginning of their #ESSECGMBAExperience, as well as developed how they will work as a team.

Roomly Mohapatra, Global MBA participant shares with us her experience of the weekend.

Staying at an allegedly “Haunted chateau” that did not have the basic amenities (like electricity and decent washrooms) made me realize that privileges are completely relative and the more we compare the more we fret.

Even though I could not sleep the entire night given the cacophony of voices of extremely enthusiastic batch mates and colleagues who were just as excited as I was about the project. We were all looking forward to the idea of working together, to learn more about each other and leaving a lasting legacy. The excitement and enthusiasm to do something good made the stress to do manual labour the last thing on our minds as we pulled up our socks and tightened our belts to make something magical.

This experience added a new life skill for all of us and we realized that we are capable of so much more than they ever imagined. All of us just met a night before, but having power tools in our hands made us feel more responsible towards each other at work and that is something we will take ahead with us in the MBA as well. We learnt how to put forth our thoughts and actions and make the most out of a situation that seemed challenging (almost impossible) at first. Finally, together, we gave our all to finish the task before time and bring the project to reality.

The word “charity” has always been confusing for me when I try to interpret it according to Maslow's hierarchy. Tabloids have made us believe that it is a matter of self-esteem as we are helping people who have fewer privileges than we do. The hard work we had put in there was not for the kids at the hospital but was actually for us to realize what it means to give back to the community.

Thank you, ESSEC Global MBA team for collaborating with Splash projects to help us center our energies, and splash for making us confident about building new things and getting to know each other in a way we will cherish forever." 

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