Workshop: Personal Branding Beyond Linkedin

 Blog post by Mireille Francis, ESSEC Global MBA Student Ambassador

On Saturday the 19th of November, students from the Strategy & Luxury track attended Youri Sawerschel’s Personal Branding workshop to help the students get their personal brand into shape, stand out during interviews, and make networking easy. One thing that stood out from Youri's presentation was his quote on Personal Branding:

If you are smart and do a good job, you only have the basics to enter the game. Personal branding is about knowing who you are and where you want to go”  
Youri Sawerschel 

A strong personal brand is key to successfully reach your professional objectives. Original teaching techniques were used to acquire and validate various hard and solf skills. 

Students enjoyed their Saturday at le Coeur de la Défense campus in Paris, reflecting about their past and future path and working on taking ownership of their career goals. They were able to define a roadmap and think outside of the box by doing many group and individual exercises. 

We asked one of our classmates on what he learnt during the workshop:

 “Yesterday’s workshop taught by Youri Sawerchel was definitely something to remember. Among many other things, it allowed me to think long-term by looking back, a process I had not encountered before. We took time to write our own obituaries (an interesting exercise for sure) which allowed us to reflect on our successful careers before the end of our lives. By jotting down what a successful career looked like in my eyes, I unknowingly wrote a career plan that I would be thrilled to progress through. It helped me set specific goals for myself in a very simple, yet ultimately effective manner”  
- Santiago Xavier Elizalde, Strategy & Digital MBA’22

In a nutshell, students were advised to become the CEO of themselves, define their vision, anchors, topics and eventually take the right decisions accordingly. 

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