By Ziyue XU
(GMBA - Luxury Brand Management)

On February 28th, 2023, the GMBA Luxury Brand Management cohort of ESSEC Business School was privileged to visit Christian Louboutin's brand new headquarters in Paris. We were warmly welcomed by Magali Clément, the Group Head of Human Resources, with an office tour. The office is not just a typical office but a modern and creative workspace fostering productivity and innovation. The combination of pop colors and Parisian elegance adds a touch of class and sophistication to the office, while the stunning view creates a sense of tranquility and calmness. We were amazed by the exceptional working conditions of the office.

Following the office tour, Magali Clément gave an insightful presentation about the brand, enabling the cohort to understand its history and unique value proposition. The presentation was delivered with such expertise that we were thoroughly engaged and captivated.

Later, the Group Chief Omnichannel, Client & Performance Officer Isabelle Durand introduced informatively about Christian Louboutin's Omnichannel strategy. She shared how the different departments work together to provide the best and most coherent consumer experience at every touchpoint. The presentation was interactive and insightful, and we were delighted that Isabelle Durand was open to sharing and answering diverse questions, giving us a valuable opportunity to directly interact with the industry expert.

Essec GMBA Luxury Brand Management 
The visit was an unusual activity that left a lasting impression on the cohort. The professionalism and warmth shown by the Christian Louboutin team made the experience even more remarkable. The visit was a perfect example of how a leading fashion brand can seamlessly blend innovation, creativity, and strong brand identity to create a unique value proposition that resonates with its customers. Overall, it was an incredible learning opportunity for us and an experience we will never forget.

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