(GMBA - Luxury Brand Management)

ESSEC GMBA Luxury Brand Management cohort recently had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Mulberry, the iconic British luxury brand known for its quintessentially English style and personality. During our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting with the CEO, Thierry Andretta, and Head of Talent, Sarah Roberts, and learning about the company structure, sustainability efforts, and perspectives on the luxury industry.

Established in rural Somerset in 1971, Mulberry has grown from a small lifestyle brand to a global fashion icon, known for its quality leathers, practicality, and enthusiastic theming of seasons. We were impressed by the brand's commitment to individuality and integrity, as well as its focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Head of Talent, Sarah Roberts, shared with us the company's efforts to reduce waste and carbon emissions, and to promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Later in the day, we had the pleasure of meeting with CEO Thierry Andretta, who shared his experiences and perspectives on the luxury industry with us. We were struck by his insights into the importance of brand authenticity and innovation in creating successful luxury brands, as well as his views on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the digital age. He emphasized the importance of staying true to the brand's values and identity, while also adapting to changing consumer preferences and societal values. He also spoke about Mulberry's international market presence and the challenges they are facing in the wake of Brexit. He noted that while the brand has a strong presence in the UK and Europe, the company is working hard to navigate the complex regulatory landscape that emerged from the UK's departure from the EU. Despite these challenges, he expressed confidence in the resilience and adaptability of the brand, and its ability to thrive in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Overall, our visit to Mulberry was a fascinating and educational experience, providing us with valuable insights into the world of luxury fashion and sustainability. We left with a deeper understanding of the importance of individuality, integrity, and sustainability in creating successful luxury brands, as well as the potential for innovation and adaptation in the industry.

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