The Global MBA Two Months In: Unity in Diversity

By Naoki Kitabayashi, Global MBA 2013-2014, United States

The ESSEC Global MBA group is a unique cohort.  It’s made up of people from very diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.  Many of the students have work experience in more than one country.  All of the students speak at least two languages fluently, many speak three languages, and a few speak four or five languages.  Whenever we discuss a subject in class, we have interesting dialogue because of the different perspectives and experiences of the group.

The GMBA students are focused and motivated, but are also friendly and caring.  It creates an atmosphere that is both educational and supportive.   Perhaps it’s because many of us have dissimilar professional goals and backgrounds that we are not overly competitive with one another.  Perhaps it’s our mature age, perhaps it’s our personalities, or perhaps it’s none or all of the above.  Whatever the answers may be, I can easily say that being with my fellow students and the staff that support this program have been the best part about my Global MBA experience thus far.

The other day after class, we had an international potluck where each of us brought a dish from our country of origin.  It turns out we have many good cooks in the class, and they brought some restaurant-quality food.  Representing the US, I microwaved my frozen chicken wings in the cafeteria and placed them sheepishly next to an elaborate Chinese vegetables dish.  It was good times, the food was superb, and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring!

Saint-Cyr 2013 Video

Now that this year's students are waist-deep in case studies rather than mud, now is the time to look back on their experience at Saint-Cyr during the introduction week.  Watch them work through exercises to build leadership and teamwork skills in this new video from Saint-Cyr!