MasterCard Visit

By Saket PANDIT, Global MBA 2014-2015, India

You know you're pursuing a top MBA when you get to spend 3 hours listening to the passionate CEO of MasterCard France about his company and their business strategy. Yes, you read that right. The Global MBA cohort recently visited MasterCard France headquarters and had the opportunity to interact with Regis FOLBAUM, who at 37, is one of the youngest CEOs in France.

Company visits are an insightful complement to our classroom learning. Over the past 4

months we have honed the business fundamentals of Strategy, Management Accounting, Economic Policy and more. When we visit an organization and speak to its top management, we can instantly see the application of what we just learnt. 
Most of us always thought of MasterCard as a company that simply processed payments. This visit taught us that in fact, MasterCard is a technology company!
They have invested significant resources into technologies that will make the processing of trillions of dollars of payments safer, simpler and more secure.

The presentation itself was extremely detailed, and we witnessed first-hand a CEO who is completely in charge of his organization. It was truly wonderful seeing Mr Folbaum speak so knowledgeably and passionately about his work and how MasterCard is redefining the way payments work across the world.

All of us were delighted to have visited MasterCard and look forward to the next company visit.

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