Tips for preparing an MBA application

Kristina Rallu, Global MBA 2014-2015, United States

Now that you’ve decided to do an MBA, you’ve got plenty of work to do!  Those of you working full time and studying for your GMAT might be tempted to put off working on your application, but you should really get started right away. As soon as you create an account to begin your online application, you’ll receive important email announcements that the school has regarding the application procedure. You can look through all parts of the application right away to get a sense of the documents you need to gather, and you can start thinking about your essay questions long before they’re due. Once you’re ready to really get started, here are some tips to help you through the process:

1. Identify your goals – Why do you want to do an MBA? 

The Admissions Board is looking for people who have a vision for their future and who are genuinely interested in using the MBA for a specific professional purpose. A large part of the learning that takes place during the program is between students. You and your classmates will learn from each other’s professional experiences and contribute your various skills and talents. When you have a clear idea of your post-MBA professional goals, you are in a better position to benefit from all that the program has to offer and provide valuable contributions to the class.The diversity in your MBA class, in terms of culture, professional experience, and professional goals, is one of the strengths of the ESSEC Global MBA program.

Does this mean that you should be 100% certain about the kind of job you want after the MBA program? Not at all! Even students who think they have a clear plan often end up exploring other options during the program. The MBA will expose you to new ideas and challenge your thinking, and it’s expected that your career goals will shift. Even if your future plans are still developing, the Admissions Board wants to see that you’ve taken the time to think seriously about your career goals.

2. Get in touch with current students or alumni for advice

There are various ways that you can contact current students or alumni. Whether you contact the school directly, through Twitter, Facebook or use communication tools such as ESSEC Talk, there are always people happy to give you advice and talk to you about their experience. 

3. Ask others to proof read your essay to give you feedback 

Ask your colleagues, family, friends or peers to have a look over your essay to give you their opinion. Different viewpoints are useful. Global MBA Recruitment Manager Eric Lucrezia ( is always happy to chat with students and give his feedback on their application, so don’t hold back if you want some advice! Be sure that your essays give the Admissions Board a complete picture of who you are as a candidate. Remember, there is no right answer to an essay question, and no one particular profile that the Admissions Board is looking for. The ESSEC Global MBA accepts students from all kinds of backgrounds with a wide range of professional experiences. The important thing is to give a complete picture of who you are so the Admissions Board can understand what you would contribute to the class.

4. Practice interviewing and prepare responses

You wouldn’t go to a job interview without practice, and the same applies for your admissions interview. The last thing you want is to be stumbling and collecting your thoughts throughout the interview! Make a list of questions that you think may be asked during the interview, and practice answering the questions in front of a mirror, or with family and friends. You might even try recording yourself.  Practicing will enable you to be more relaxed and confident during the interview, which will help the Admissions Board get a better idea of who you are as a candidate. 

I wish you all the best with your application! 


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