Designing Your Future: An Innovative Approach to Career Development

By Vanashree Shende, ESSEC Global MBA Student Ambassador 2017/2018 | Strategy & Management Major
As the MBA students at ESSEC gear up for the upcoming recruiting season, the Career Services Team at ESSEC has come up with an innovative approach to better equip the students in choosing their career paths. The “Design Thinking Your Future” workshop has been designed in sessions that will act as a funnel for students' aspirations.
Global MBA students participate in a workshop
Jonathan Kwan of Kwantum Leap leading a session for the Global MBA students

Going into an MBA, the average student has broad aspirations and a vague idea about their end goals. Each session focuses on students analyzing their career choices - ranging from their work -life balances to job role expectations and narrowing it down to what are the ‘Must-haves’ for them and what are the ‘Nice to haves’.
ESSEC Global MBA students working on 'Must-haves and 'Nice to haves'
Students in session working on listing their ‘Must-haves’ & ‘Nice to haves’
Once the clarity in job expectations is achieved, the sessions then focus on networking. In today’s dynamic market where time is of the essence, it is essential to network effectively. Effective networking is not just when you’ve had a successful coffee chat with your contact. It is when you’ve established an emotional connect that goes both ways. Achieving the desired career goals will be an outcome of clarity in role and industry fit and the effort put in expanding network through effective networking.
ESSEC Global MBA students with Jonathan Kwan
Global MBA students at ESSEC Asia-Pacific with Jonathan Kwan during one of the sessions
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