Meeting Google at ESSEC

by Gianluca Errico, ESSEC Global MBA Student Ambassador 2017-2018 | Finance Major
On Tuesday, 14th November, the students here at ESSEC - on both the Cergy and Asia-Pacific campuses - had the wonderful opportunity to experience one of the most innovative companies in the world right in our school. Google employees, or “Googlers” as they call themselves, joined us at the campus for a presentation to share more information about what it is like working at one of the world's most desired employers. We learned where Google had its origins from, as well as that the first processor was built out of lego bricks because it was the cheapest way to get the company started when Larry Page and Sergey Brin first started out.

After spending an hour with two Google representatives, where we learned more about the culture of the company (Yes it's true, you can bring a dog to work!), some of us had the chance to attend a Google Consultative Sales Workshop where we learned more about current job opportunities available, and what a typical day in these positions would look like. We focused on the following two positions: Account Strategist and Business Development Manager, both consultative marketing solutions positions. We also learned about Google's Sales Framework and did some cases to practise the newly developed skills.
Later in the afternoon, the company representatives invited us to apply to join Google and leverage our new skills and insights to get a job in the best company to work for (Google ranked No. 1 in a Fortune Magazine ranking of the 100 Best Companies to Work For). The opportunity to experience such live sessions and interact with professionals from leading companies is one of the reasons why we decided to pursue our MBA here at ESSEC. Studying here is about opportunities and what you make out of them. ESSEC - The pioneering spirit!

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