Global MBA Career Week - What I learned from the Mock Interviews

As part of the Global MBA Career Week, our students went through a series of mock interviews with recruiters from the industry. Said Chady, Strategy & Management Major, tells us more about what he took away from this experience:

My objective for attending the mock interviews was to prepare for a real work interview
situation. I wanted to pick up some interview tips and learn how to better manage anxiety in a typical interview setting. For me, the mission was certainly accomplished! 

What is your greatest takeaway from the mock interviews? 
  • Pay attention to the details: Every step in an interview is important, from the greetings, eye contact, style of sitting, to the narrative and the structure of our responses
  • Know the relevant keywords: Having a comprehensive knowledge of the keywords related to the job is critical, in order to synthesize the answers and make them relevant
  • Be clear of your added value: Identify and be able to articulate the added value you can bring to the company, from previous experiences and through the MBA program, in terms of hard skills and networking