Learning by Pedaling #GMBAEXPERIENCE

by Kailash Satyanarayan, Global MBA Ambassador 2018-2019 | Finance Major

What is the life of a Global MBA participant outside of campus? What is it like exploring the most traveled city in the world? To answer these questions, together with some of the Global MBA participants, we decided to bike around the city of lights at its most prominent time, at night!

Traveling through time, we discovered the iconic places in Paris, including the Louvre, the Place de la Concorde, the Eiffel Tower, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral, to name a few. We got a taste of the lively Paris city, a very entertaining history lesson on the city and some physical fitness traveling on the bikes.

From the majestic architecture of the various structures to the historic events that shaped the country, we went through a journey to discover the city. The joy of having the most iconic monuments in the world virtually at our doorstep got us very thrilled and excited.

Reflecting further, I could see a strong connection between the Global MBA program and the historic city of Paris.

Intercultural Experience
ESSEC ensures its participants have a truly global view. With participants coming from over 25 cultures and nationalities, the Global MBA emphasizes on leadership with a cultural lens. As I pedaled across Paris, I reflected on the city being such a big part of this experience. Living in a connected world, the aspect of learning from one another is ever so vital. The unique story of all my classmates related to the story we were discovering as we explored Paris.

The Global MBA program is one of discovery. Discovering not only my leadership style but also my real aspirations. A sense of understanding of what I am really passionate about. Riding through the alleyways of Paris, I could sense the discovery connected to what I was experiencing in the MBA, feeling heartened that ESSEC’s mentors and professors will always be there to help and guide me in my journey of discovery.

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