Why is it important to have a perfect Personal Brand Pitch ? Workshop Series with Joseph Liu


Blog post by Preyash Shah, ESSEC Global MBA Student Ambassador

November was one of the exciting months for ESSEC MBA Students in terms of personal branding and positioning. Going into the new year, the cohort was busy sharpening their pitching skills and making sure that they convey the best and right message more efficiently…

One such series of events that helped the Global MBA class was the session on Personal Brand Pitch by Joseph Liu. The focus of the session was to prepare and perfect three questions crucial to every personal pitch:

  1. What is your background? – Focused on networking
  2. What are you looking for? – Focused on recruiters and career events
  3. Tell me about yourself – Focused on interviews

While these questions may seem basic, the class certainly realized the amount of preparation that goes into polishing their responses and perfecting their pitch. I asked a couple of my classmates about their takeaways from the session –

“Joseph’s session on the personal brand pitch was quite interesting. What stood out for me was the background exercise. From the very first minute, we were asked to concise our professional background in 3-4 sentences and align it to our career plan. It was tough at the beginning, but I can certainly see the benefit now after refining it multiple times. The key is to keep it simple and practice, practice, practice!”

- Roomly Mohapatra, India, MBA in Strategy & Digital Leadership

“For someone who is planning to switch industry and geography, I was excited about Joseph’s session. He provided clear insights on how the recruiting world works and what exactly they are looking for. Joseph’s point on being specific in your career plan and roles is more important than being a generalist and open to different opportunities, thus leaving a lasting impression on the recruiters was quite insightful. This will certainly help me position myself better in the future!”

- Afshin Rezaee, MBA in Strategy & Digital Leadership

Overall, the session was thought-provoking and left us with a lot of great strategies on how to create and improve personal brand pitches! With a series of networking events lined up in the new year, there could not have been a better time to have this session!

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