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Acqua Di Parma: How to Disrupt in Iconic Italian Lifestyle product.

On the first stop of this year’s Italy Field Trip, our ESSEC GMBA Luxury Brand Management trackers ventured into Luxurious and Sophisticated Italian Lifestyle Brand Acqua di Parma.

 Acqua di Parma has become synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Founded in 1916 in the city of Parma, Italy, the brand has a long and storied history of producing high-quality fragrances, skincare, and lifestyle products that are coveted by discerning individuals around the world. The brand's signature scent, Colonia, was created in 1916 and quickly became a favorite of the aristocracy and elite of Italy. Its unique blend of citrus and floral notes was a departure from the heavy, musky scents that were popular at the time, and it quickly gained a reputation as a refreshing and invigorating fragrance.

What sets Acqua di Parma apart from other luxury brands is its commitment to authenticity and tradition. The brand's products are still made in Italy using traditional methods and techniques, and the brand has remained true to its roots while still innovating and expanding its product line.This has earned them its reputation as a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Its commitment to quality, authenticity, and tradition has made it a favorite of discerning individuals around the world who appreciate the finer things in life.

During the presentation an interesting business case was put to our students, how to be disruptive with such an iconic product as Colonia in today’s market?

Their solution : a very successful collaboration with British artist and creative designer Samuel Ross. The idea with this collaboration was to capture the synergy between Acqua di Parma’s modern lightness and his creative work, bringing his signature sharp and rich tones to the clean, minimalist line of the classic emblematic Colonia, a timeless icon of craftsmanship and Italian style. By bridging Italian and British modernism with flat, rich, and bold colors, the series of unexpected and completely new creative elements highlights Colonia as an icon.

Many thanks to the Acqua Di Parma team for showing our Luxury Brand Management trackers how to successfully conceive and create a value adding collaboration that allows to intensify the iconizing of Colonia, and showing how it is recognizable beyond the label. The details and integrated strategies between areas are a key intake and highlight from this inspiring presentation.

What a better way to start this trip which aims to understand the Italian Luxury History, Heritage and craftmanship? Keep posted and join us through the other amazing brands that showcase the core of what Italian Luxury represents. 

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