Our field trip to Morocco: Away from stereotypes and deep into inspiring leadership

by Poornima Ravindran, Global MBA

Any celebrity worth their salt supports a cause that has something to do with Africa. When they talk about Africa, the media agencies portray a picture of rampant poverty, malnutrition and a post-apartheid set up. This is the stark contrast of what we experienced in Morocco. Coming from a developing country myself, where people, NGOs and the governmental agencies are working hard to alleviate such third world problems, I was keen and excited about the trip and I was mentally comparing India and Morocco at every visit during our field trip to Morocco, as part of the ESSEC Global MBA.

My experience in the Global MBA

by Debayan Kumar Chandra, Global MBA

I came for this MBA with few clear objectives in mind: -
  • Learn from the best-in-class faculty of an international business school.
  • Learn from the professional experiences of a hugely diverse class. 
  • Take a break from the monotony of my extremely hectic job.
  • Travel outside my country for the first time and push my limits by putting myself out of my comfort zone. 
The objective was simple. To become more self-dependent, explore differences in cultures and personalities, and grow as a person.

And last but not the least, gain life experiences by traveling through the historically rich countries of Europe.