Meeting Google at ESSEC

by Gianluca Errico, ESSEC Global MBA Student Ambassador 2017-2018 | Finance Major
On Tuesday, 14th November, the students here at ESSEC - on both the Cergy and Asia-Pacific campuses - had the wonderful opportunity to experience one of the most innovative companies in the world right in our school. Google employees, or “Googlers” as they call themselves, joined us at the campus for a presentation to share more information about what it is like working at one of the world's most desired employers. We learned where Google had its origins from, as well as that the first processor was built out of lego bricks because it was the cheapest way to get the company started when Larry Page and Sergey Brin first started out.

Designing Your Future: An Innovative Approach to Career Development

By Vanashree Shende, ESSEC Global MBA Student Ambassador 2017/2018 | Strategy & Management Major
As the MBA students at ESSEC gear up for the upcoming recruiting season, the Career Services Team at ESSEC has come up with an innovative approach to better equip the students in choosing their career paths. The “Design Thinking Your Future” workshop has been designed in sessions that will act as a funnel for students' aspirations.
Global MBA students participate in a workshop
Jonathan Kwan of Kwantum Leap leading a session for the Global MBA students

Visit to DHL Innovation Center

by Alwyn Loh, Global MBA Student Ambassador
Thanks to the Career Services Team at ESSEC Asia-Pacific, we were lucky to have the opportunity to go on a private tour of the DHL Innovation Center in Singapore. Located at DHL’s Asia headquarters, the Innovation Center is the second of its kind in the world, and first outside of Germany. Innovation manager Tamara Sanchez led us around, explaining in extensive detail DHL’s current thrust to integrate cutting-edge technology across its operations. With the increasing pace of digital transformation and technological disruption, it was interesting to note that even a giant in the global logistics industry is not immune to such changes and has to make a concerted effort to renew itself in order to remain economically competitive.

Visit to Amazon Web Services in Singapore

By Ms. Hang Nguyen, ESSEC Global MBA Student Ambassador
Global MBA students were recently invited for an office visit at Amazon Web Services in Singapore. With a warm welcome from the AWS APAC Business Development team, we had a chance to learn more about Amazon's overall culture as well as their cloud computing department. As Amazon is a leading technology giant, we were extremely excited to have the opportunity to interact directly with the team and understand their experience of working there. During the visit, we also had the chance to meet other MBA students neighboring institutions in the area.